Why operator training is key

As a Project Manager with MPS since 2005, I’ve learned the importance of a well-trained press operator, especially when they are unfamiliar with flexo technology.

After the sales process is complete and a new MPS press is built and shipped to the customer, our commissioning engineers go onsite to install the press. After extensive testing, the Site Acceptance Test takes place, and the press is ready to print the first label or packaging run.

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It’s true our presses are ‘Operator Focused, Results Driven’ meaning they are designed to make the operator’s life as easy as possible. But before the press starts running production full speed ahead, the operators need to be comfortable with the print technology and machine they are about to operate. Especially important when a company previously worked with offset or letterpress, to ensure the operator is educated in the world of flexo print. MPS service engineers are highly qualified to share their expertise with operators worldwide and are happy to do so each time a press is installed.

A good example of the importance and success of operator training is our customer A*. The printing company purchased three MPS presses: two EB label solution presses and an EF multi-substrate flexo press to embrace a new market of label and flexible packaging printing. They needed a press builder that could not only deliver equipment, but also their expertise of applications and processes.

Prior to delivery of the presses, training and consultation services began at our headquarters in Arnhem, where their four newly hired press operators received an introduction and basic training in flexo printing. The press operators learned how to successfully operate flexo presses and were delighted with their first test products. All four operators received certificates recognizing their initial basic training program and returned home very motivated to begin operating their three new MPS presses.

3. Asan Pack operators after completing MPS training in the Netherlands.jpg

Operators after successfully completing their training in The Netherlands

Leading up to the initial production, my colleagues Print Manager Hans Poortinga and Application Specialist Richard Meurs went to the customer site to spend two weeks at the factory. Secrets for producing a good quality label and flexible packaging were shared, starting at the pre-press department where training was given on correct plate making, followed by correct and repeatable plate mounting, press set-up and finishing.


Richard Meurs, Hans Poortinga and I at the customer site

Several important steps in the print process were also covered such as ink and colour matching, colour density, how to select the correct anilox rollers — all the way to proper cleaning and storage of parts, to ensure fast and controlled job changeovers and achieve the best results from their MPS presses.

After the two-week training, several thousand tea tags rolled off the MPS EF press — the first commercial product for a local customer.

I’ve witnessed many more projects like this over the past 12 years that prove the benefits of a savvy operator. When the operator is confident running their press, the results are higher productivity and a happy printer.

New developed training courses

We've developed intensive 3-day training courses exclusively for operators. This course provides in:

  • increased knowledge and skills in operating MPS presses
  • valuable tips for press maintenance, trouble-shooting and preventing downtime
  • guidance in maximizing press performance and productivity
  • an official industry recognized MPS certification.

Here you can find more information about the learning program, dates, costs and how te register. If you have any questions, please contact my colleague Marc-Jan Goossink, Manager After Sales for more information.

*for privacy reasons, I’m not mentioning the customer’s name.

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