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We care for your MPS flexo press- this is how

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Of course, the customer is King at MPS.

We provide not only service, we deliver care! That’s why we continually improve our service, and strive for the best customer experience.

After buying an MPS press, your press is built at our factory in the Netherlands. Following the installation by our commissioning team and training of your operators, our service team remains available to you.

Life-long service is provided for our presses, with remote diagnostics, spare parts delivery, (preventive) maintenance and on-site service.

Service overview

In this blog, I explain how our global service is organized and what to do in case of an issue with your MPS press.

Integrated global service network

We operate an integrated, global service network. That means, if you have an issue with your machine, a well-trained service team is ready to help you.

All MPS machines can remotely connect to our help desk, so we can immediately help you. Via our remote diagnostics and logs, we can see exactly how your press is performing and determine any issues.

Helpdesk remote diagnostics

Want to know how to check if your modem is on-line? Watch this episode of FAQ Friday!

Our help desk engineers will try to fix the press issue from a distance. If the problem is caused by a mechanical defect or a part that should be replaced, rather than a software issue, it may be necessary to send spare parts or a service engineer.

In 75% of the time, the fault can be resolved remotely by our technical support engineers.

Need spare parts?

To avoid unnecessary downtime and save time and money, we advise purchasing a Red Box with a new press (or you can order one now!).

Red Box nieuw

The Red Box is a service tool kit which provides critical spares that are tailored to your specific press requirements. As long as your press is under warranty, we replace the used spare parts free of charge. Most parts are kept in stock, so we can deliver on short notice.

Curious to see what the Red Box looks like, and learn more about this service tool kit? Watch the video here.

For more information about the Red Box and needed spare parts, please contact our spares department:

Press down? A Field Service Engineer is on the way

When a press issue cannot be solved remotely, or by sending spare parts, an MPS certified Field Service Engineer will come on-site to fix it. Our team of Service Engineers is also capable of doing inspections, (preventive) maintenance, overhauls or a complete move of your machine to another location.

Preventive maintenance-533277-edited

Service is our focus, and we try our best every day to deliver the best care we can. If you are satisfied with MPS service, or if have suggestions on how we can improve, let us know!

If you have any questions about our Service Organization, or other service-related questions, please contact us.

Click here for our informative service infographic that provides a schematic representation of our Service Organization. 

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink is Manager After Sales at MPS.

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