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"The way to create advocates is to offer superior customer service" - 3 important updates from MPS service

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"It's very logical: There is proven ROI in doing whatever you can to turn your customers into advocates for your brand or business. The way to create advocates is to offer superior customer service."

This quote by Gary Vaynerchuk, Author "The Thank You Economy" sums up what the MPS service team strives for every day: to make your service experience the best it can be.

Today, I’m sharing 3 important updates with respect to your service experience:

1. Spilker print sleeves special offer

At MPS, we don’t just sell machines. We sell solutions.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Spilker, to offer their high-quality aluminum print sleeves to our customers.

MPS presses are built with the highest of quality standards, so naturally they deserve high quality tooling. You wouldn’t put cheap tires on a Rolls-Royce! MPS_Spilker_aluminum_printsleeves

In our experience, aluminum sleeves have proved better results over composite, including better accuracy, longer lifetime and no deformation over time. So this sleeve is the standard we’re now offering — to help you achieve maximum printing productivity.

Spilker’s aluminum print sleeves are available in all sizes and all MPS compatible print widths.

For more information and attractive offer on sleeve prices, contact MPS or your local representative.

2. NEW Global Ticketing System

For more efficient communication, we’ve implemented a Global Ticketing System for all service inquiries using the Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. zoho logo

Every email or telephone inquiry received by service is automatically entered into our global ticketing system, which generates a unique tracking number.

So, whenever you contact Service, your contact history with machine information is immediately accessible, regardless which Service Coordinator is handling your case.

For you, this means faster and more efficient responses on a global scale, to minimize downtime.

For us, we can measure the speed of response, how fast an issue is resolved, and the type of service inquires received. We can also track how well each case was handled, as you are asked to rate our service and give us a service smile 😊 or not ☹. (But our goal is to see more 😊)!

This new system is the base for our 24/7 Service organization, and it’s global, too! Coverage for faster response is now available through our Service Coordinators in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We’ve also created one central e-mail address for all your Service-related questions or Helpdesk issues:

Or, you can contact Service by telephone at:

Europe:        +31 – (0)26 760 15 05
Americas:    +1 (844) 465-7035
Asia:              +60 3 5870 3148

3. As of July 1st, the MPS Helpdesk is a paid service

I know what you’re thinking: How is this offering superior customer service?

Implementing a paid service structure will help keep our excellent Helpdesk dedicated to assist MPS customers in the best and quickest way possible.  MPS_systems_service_helpdesk

It also provides a valuable contribution to costly resources, for ongoing MPS developments in offering premium service and technology innovations.

So starting July 1, our Helpdesk will be a paid service.

Here’s the new structure:

The first initial inquiry, via email or telephone that is tracked with our global ticket service, will always be a free 1st line of support.
If determined an engineer or Helpdesk support is needed to access your press and solve issues remotely or onsite, that is a paid service.

We offer 3 options for paid service support

1. Pay as you go

2. Purchase a ‘Service plus’ contract (monthly fee):

  • unlimited service from the MPS Helpdesk (included in the first year of every new press sale)

3. Invest in a ‘Summum’ premium contract (monthly fee):

  • priority response,
  • monthly report of how your press is performing from remote tracking of your press alarm codes,
  • onsite yearly visit from an MPS engineer for an extensive press inspection with a detailed report and recommendations to optimize your press

[Read more about the value of preventive maintenance here.]

With our Red Box, providing critical spares tailored to your specific press requirements and shipped with every new press sale, our Helpdesk can remotely access your press and recommend parts that need replacement – directly from your onsite Red Box!

[Click here for a video that explains what the Red Box is, and how to order one.]

banner order red box-1Meeting a passionate MPS advocate

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Casper Roux, an enthusiastic and expert MPS press operator at Roll On Labels in South Africa.Casper Roux Marc-Jan

With 20 years’ experience in flexo, Casper takes great pride in operating an MPS press, and shares regular upbeat posts on LinkedIn proudly showing his MPS press in action!

Advocates like Casper inspire us to make your service experience the best it can be. 

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink was Manager After Sales until January 2020. For Service-related questions, please contact Ruud Meijer, Manager After Sales:

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