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A service Tour de France

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As a customer support officer working out of MPS HQ in Arnhem, I am responsible for handling incoming inquiries regarding service issues on a daily basis. I also work together with Marketing to produce our FAQ Fridays. Maybe you've seen a few episodes on LinkedIn or YouTube?

I really enjoy my job and helping our customers obtain the best results with their MPS presses. Recently, I was very excited for the opportunity to join my colleagues As van den Belt and 

002Ad van den Nieuwenhuizen (both field service engineers) on their Tour de France!

The road trip was a planned four-day courtesy tour to proactively visit MPS customers and provide free inspections of their machines, mainly focused on the early MPS EC and EP flexo series. Before the tour, we contacted all our customers in the North of France who own one of these machines to offer a courtesy inspection, and asked if there were any issues, or if spare parts or software assistance was needed.The trip was part of our service mission, similar to earlier trips to Denmark and Germany. One reason I went on this mission is that I speak French fairly well, and am familiar with the culture after spending an internship in France.

Our goal was to show that regular maintenance helps keep the press running optimally. We also talked about the value of MPS preventive maintenance plans offering periodic or yearly maintenance performed by our highly qualified and certified engineers.

Four MPS customers were visited, with a total of 7 MPS presses. Before we left, I had stacked our car with spare parts and tools, so we could fix small problems or common wear and tear on the spot. Happy to tell you that none were needed!

005Visiting Ametis in France

Traveling to France was very rewarding, as it’s important for me to see our presses live in the field so I can better serve our customers should they need our help. I also learned a lot from my colleagues, seeing firsthand what happens during an onsite service call.

The goal of helping our customers optimize the use of their MPS presses was achieved. For me, it was also a learning curve about customer care and differences between companies. Based on our customer’s feedback, our first Tour de France was a success. I hope I can plan another tour to the South of France very soon.

Are you interested in a preventive service visit for your MPS press? Or, do you have any questions about MPS service in general? Please feel free to contact me.

Lizzy Doorman

Lizzy Doorman

Lizzy Doorman is coordinator customer support.

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