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Operator Focused: Service unveils in-depth printing press courses

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You’ve heard it said before – a fully trained operator is key to the success of your printing press. As part of the MPS Academy, I’m excited to share that we’ve designed an in-depth printing course that your operator will appreciate, and one for engineers, too.

Why?  for many printers, time and resources may limit the amount of extensive training an operator receives past the initial overview during installation. So, we’ve invested a number of months speaking to customers and discussing internally about what we could do to help.


3-day basic training program

Leading the design and teaching of the training programs is MPS Print Manager Leopold der Nederlanden, who is one of our most experienced experts of MPS presses. Perhaps you saw Leopold on episode of FAQ Friday: How do you determine the right colour for your printing process or read his blog about screen printing on a flexo press?

The 3-day basic training program designed for our EF multi-substrate press takes place at our Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Advantages of conducting training at our headquarters is that it gives the operator an environment where they can focus 100% on training, and we can simulate an actual production setting including pre-programed machine faults to help with troubleshooting and preventing press down-time.

All operators receive basic training when a press is initially installed, but this 3-day program is much more intensive, covering a broader range of materials, set-ups, inks, different speeds, applications, and converting units. It provides the opportunity to expand on how a press operates, and explore more about the why.


What the operator will learn

With a limited group, the course provides knowledge transfer in a combination of theory, hands-on training, and a really interactive learning environment.

Operators will learn:

  1. Basic set-up functions of the machine (such as setting up a print station from the main menu, die station, corona treatment, job memory, register control, etc.)
  2. Machine operation (creating default jobs for pre-register, matrix rewinding, ink drying, web cleaner, laminating and cold foil units, and more)
  3. Press maintenance  
  4. Troubleshooting

Advanced training program for engineers

In addition to the operator training program, we’ve designed a course especially for engineers too. This is helpful for printers that have engineers on staff managing multiple MPS machines in production, and is a great course for our agents’ new engineers as well.

Also with a limited group, the 5-day program provides the same 3-day basic training agenda plus two additional days of extensive training on the press schematics and advanced trouble-shooting with an MPS technical engineer.

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Dates and how to register

3-day EF basic training program:
September 10-12
November 12-14

5-day EF advanced training program:
September 24-28
November 26-30

 Costs and registration details are available here:

Operator training
Engineer training

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I personally look forward to the launch of these exciting training programs and welcoming operators and engineers to Arnhem!

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink was Manager After Sales until January 2020. For Service-related questions, please contact Ruud Meijer, Manager After Sales:

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