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Label Printing Snippet Part 4: Why training makes a positive impact

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Training is important for both the operator and the company they work for.

Keeping up-to-date with what’s new or up-and-coming in the market is also very helpful for the operator. Social media such as LinkedIn is a good place to start. This platform is a great resource for new ideas (which you can pass along to your boss) and staying in touch with suppliers.

Being informed about the latest print technology and trends also helps you become a better printer and more involved with your company - than just running a press.

Never stop learning

During the first 22 of my now 25yrs in the printing industry, I worked on multiple types of presses and in many different applications. Small and large formats, offset, central impression (CI) flexo and narrow web as well as combination presses, all with various companies.

I’ve never stopped learning new things or accepting new challenges. Nobody knows everything - some know more about a particular topic and it’s always a good feeling to learn something new. It helps increase job satisfaction, and we should always share our knowledge.

In all the research made by MPS, the biggest impact on overall productivity is the skill of the operator. A good operator can make an inefficient press run well. An unskilled operator can make a mess out of the most advanced press.


Positive impact of training  

Here are some results you can expect:

  • Improved knowledge and operator skills
  • Press set up with the most efficient method
  • Applications set up and trouble shooting skills
  • Confidence in operating the press
  • Reaching job targets
  • Ability to help others (new operators or apprentices)
  • Satisfaction instead of frustration
  • Positive impact for both the operator and the company

Training the operator is a great tool for helping them learn new things or refresh their memory.

It’s unfortunate, that these days very few printing trade schools exist and many have closed. These schools were a great advantage for the company and operator providing 8 weeks of hands-on work followed by 2 weeks schooling for the duration of the 4-year apprenticeship.

In the printing and graphic arts industry, trade schools specialized in graphic reproduction, binding, screen printing, flexographic and offset printing - only selected schools offered gravure. Since the closure of many of these schools (or in some countries they may never been an option) we now must train operators in-house and on the job. It’s had a big impact on finding the right way to train employees no matter what part of the industry you’re in.

This is where MPS comes in.

MPS Academy

In-depth operator and service engineering training programs are available at the MPS head office in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Upon completion of the 3 and 5-day training, attendees receive an official industry-recognized MPS certification. Read the story behind MPS operator and engineer trainings.

Training is also available with the Performance Program offered to new and existing MPS customers, with new MPS press installations, and the option of customized programs.

MPS academy

We have training experts in the Netherlands, North America and Asia, in addition to specialists in all areas from printing, technical to software, pre-press and more. We’re here to help with any issues that may arise after print training - whether it’s printing related or other issues. As an MPS customer, you have access to full support for our intelligent machines.

I look forward to working alongside, training and troubleshooting issues with our existing and new MPS customers in the Asia-Pacific region. With our extensive team based in Kuala Lumpur, we’re here to meet all your requirements and needs.

We take pride in ensuring success and a positive experience with your MPS press.

Any questions, suggestions, or issues? Please contact me anytime.

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Kane Marsh

Kane Marsh

Kane Marsh is Regional Printing Instructor Asia Pacific with MPS Systems Asia, providing training on MPS' narrow web flexo presses and specialized label applications. Kane has direct print experience on multiple presses in a range of printing technologies including flexo, gravure, offset, screen and a variety of applications.

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