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Our help desk is at your service. Here's how.

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Shortly after joining MPS as After-Sales Manager, I implemented a more stringent system to track all inquires received by the help desk through a centralized management tool that converts each service request into a case. This way, as a service organization, we can now track the number of requests, press type, and detailed description of the issue to ensure proper and timely follow-up to every request, and proactively implement changes to prevent any reoccurring issues.

Recently, I reviewed the last logged help desk cases, and here's what I found:

  • 55%   easy fix possible
  • 14%   parts required
  • 10%   on-site engineer assistance needed
  • 28%   servo issues

A closer look

I was very pleased to see such a high number of cases (55%) were solved with an easy fix. Diving further into the details showed that our help desk is well-equipped to evaluate a service issue over the phone or by email and provide an immediate solution, or access the customer's press online via remote diagnostics and provide fast turnaround. 

Of the 14% of cases where parts were required, most spares were shipped the same or next day from inventory, and sometimes in special circumstances we have gone the extra mile in service to personally manage a part delivery. Many customers already had the necessary replacement part in-house, due to their investment of The Red Box, a highly popular and valuable option with the sale of each MPS press that provides critical spares tailored to specific press requirements.

In only 10% of cases, on-site engineer assistance was required and 28% were servo-related reflected issues where more in-depth technical knowledge of the press and trouble shooting were needed. 

What impressed me the most? 100% of the customers that reached out to MPS for service received a response to their inquiry the same day and were kept informed of their case status until it was fully resolved.

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 Jasper Hulstein, one of our Helpdesk Engineers 

Working and learning together

Just as important as that first cup of coffee, we as a service team meet each morning to review open customer cases. This 15-minute recap ensures we are all up to speed on what needs to be done and when, and provides an opportunity to share expertise in handling service issues.  It's important we work together and keep communication open between the help desk, spare parts and general service. In fact, we've seen the number of open issues decline over the last number of months as our team is able to solve cases quicker.

How does MPS receive service inquiries? We offer dedicated service telephone hotlines and email addresses, uniquely tailored by the type of service request (support, spares, or general service) but because our team works so closely together, customers are efficiently re-directed when necessary. On average, 30% of requests for service are received through our dedicated telephone hotlines, with the remainder via email.

Our help desk experts in Arnhem can be reached on weekdays from 06.00 until 22.00hr CET and on Saturdays from 08.00 until 18.00hr CET, and our dedicated North American Hotline supports customers outside of the CET time zone. We're also implementing local service and engineering support in Asia, and our goal by the end of 2018 is to provide 24x7 world-wide help desk service and support.

What this means for you

As I mentioned in my last blog, we're implementing a remote analysis strategy by means of Big Data, and our centralized tool that tracks requests through our help desk is an important piece of that initiative. Tracking the type of service requests over time can help us determine where issues can be prevented and better understand the lifespan of parts and the press - to ensure proactive replacements are made, routine maintenance is scheduled, and our parts inventory well stocked - to help keep our presses running, and more importantly, our customers happy.

What this data also indicates? If you invest in an MPS press, you can rely on MPS service.

Here's how to contact MPS Service and Support


Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink

Marc-Jan Goossink is Manager After Sales at MPS.

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