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Director's blog: Bright future ahead

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Ever since my partner Bert van den Brink and I founded MPS in 1996, so much has changed! From a garage with a first prototype press in Nijmegen to a modern facility with a Technology & Expertise Center in Arnhem and offices in Germany, the UK, USA and Malaysia… it’s better than we could have ever dreamed of.

And even though we’ve already accomplished a lot, we have a lot more ahead of us!

Growth on a global scale

We have a strategic plan to strengthen our presence as a global player in the market. After gaining market share in Europe, we have taken steps in North America with the establishment of  local press assembly, implementing a fully-operational local service infrastructure, and opening a Demo & Applications Technology Center.

Now it’s time to gain a bigger market share in Asia. We’re well on our way with the opening of our MPS Asia branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and ramping up our local representation, including recently hired sales and service engineers as well as appointing agents in the area.

South America is also high on our radar, with our recent appointment of three new agents across the continent, joining Printum Concepts, our also recently appointed agent for Central America and Mexico.

Driving new innovations

But it’s not only about global growth. To stay on top of our game, we need to continue developing new innovations. MPS has always been known as an innovative, technology-driven company. We want to stay true to that, but always with our unique focus on the operator. Operator Focused, Results Driven. That’s what we’re all about. When the operator is happy and comfortable with the press, his performance will increase and the result will be…the best.

I personally think that one of MPS’s strengths is that we think along with the customer. Carefully, we listen to the customer’s wishes, to find the best solution for their printing job — together.

The world of labels and packaging keeps on changing, and we have to remain at the forefront of it all. We’re continuously working on new solutions for technologies and applications, such as embossing, screen printing, lamitube printing and multi-web technology.

One important development we recently launched is the ‘talk to me’ connectivity platform. With this innovative platform, the MPS press is integrated with the company’s MIS system and linked to all other equipment on the print shop floor. By automating and integrating the printing process, the logistical process is optimized and governed constantly. This results in a shorter and risk-free ROI.


Return on Investment

Speaking of ROI, that’s something I’d like to address when it comes to pricing of our machines. When I’m travelling and speaking to people in the industry, I often hear that MPS presses are considered expensive. My response is that with our high quality machines, we guarantee the lowest cost price per 1000 labels. And the most influencing factor in ROI calculations is the fact that with our user-friendly press solutions, all operators have the same result. A true focus to the operator, driven by the desire for the best results.  

Our existing customers are well aware of this, our recurring business last year was an impressing 40%. To give to you an idea: 75% of all installed MPS presses today run aside an earlier installed MPS press (or presses).

I have faith in a bright future ahead of us, thanks to developments of the past and present and our energetic and motivated team that cares about delivering high-quality press solutions to our customers.

Would you like to know more about our printing solutions or MPS? Please feel free to contact me! For specific printing challenges or questions about the printing process, we also have specialists available to help you.


Eric Hoendervangers

Eric Hoendervangers

Eric Hoendervangers is one of the founders of MPS. He has broad knowledge of the global printing industry and the commercial process of investment in a printing press.