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The challenges for HR in a growing organization

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When I joined MPS in July 2017 I knew it was an organization going through a period of growth. As the company’s HR Advisor, one thing is sure: there is never a dull moment!

 In this blog I’ll explain what it’s like to be an HR Advisor in a growing organization, the challenges I face, and how I handle them.

What an HR Advisor does

I love my job!

Human Resources (HR) is a dynamic department that comes with various but interesting tasks such as:

  • Managing the hiring process for new employees
  • Administration
  • Supporting management
  • Assisting employees with HR-related questions

In a growing organization like MPS, hiring new people is one of my main and ongoing tasks. This includes writing vacancies, selecting candidates, conducting job interviews, and putting together job offers.

More employees means more to do…

Since my first day at MPS, an impressive number of 32 new employees were hired! With a total team of less than 100, this is a huge expansion. 


Bert van den Brink, Henk Wientjens and Eric Hoendervangers started with just 3 people in 1996. 

All departments at MPS are adjusting to this tremendous growth. Every new employee must learn about the products, what’s expected from them in their role and get to know the company culture. That takes time and effort not only for them, but for their direct colleagues, too.

An important step I took after joining MPS was the implementation of a formal employee introduction (onboarding) program. For new employees, it’s crucial they get to know the organization and new colleagues, so their first week involves a detailed schedule with meetings and training throughout all the departments at MPS. This has been received very positively, and new employees are enthusiastic about how quickly they are welcomed into the MPS family.

…and demand for more space

In 2015, MPS’ growth led to a necessary move of headquarters to a bigger location in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The increased space meant more capacity for presses, inventory, offices and a dedicated Technology & Expertise Centre.

Now, just three years later, we are again facing lack of space due to growth! Therefore we’re moving offices a lot, and we’re looking for ways to create more workspace.

The search for new talent

I’m always searching for candidates who are not only well-qualified for the job but also a great match to the company. Sometimes it’s difficult to fill open vacancies, especially with more technical roles, due to competition with other manufacturing companies and a shortage of technical staff.

That’s why we put a lot of effort in spreading the word that we’re hiring! We utilize recruitment tools such as agencies, our website, social media, videos and our employees. We also work closely with local universities.

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And, we’re always looking for young talent who wish to gain work experience - we offer a range of possibilities for internships and traineeships.

The challenge of global expansion

I think it’s very positive that we are growing globally!

For me, this comes with new challenges from a hiring perspective, for example, when we recently opened a dedicated branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had never worked in an international company before, and my English was a bit rusty. But I’m glad the knowledge is still there, and it’s improving!

I really enjoy learning new things and helping my overseas colleagues!

How I keep up with the growth

I strongly believe HR is a very important part of a company’s growth. Therefore, I always try to stay informed of market developments, both the labour market and our own industry. I keep up-to-date via newsletters, seminars and network organizations.

As an HR Advisor, it’s also important to keep an eye on employees, to ensure their concerns are being heard, their hard work and contributions are appreciated, and provide opportunities for career development.

MPS as an employer

From my experience with other companies, I see MPS as a good employer. The organization and its employees are open minded, informal and provide a positive atmosphere and a no-nonsense culture. Doors are always open for questions, discussions, or a good laugh! Visitors to MPS notice the same!

MPS academy logo

New career opportunities are also offered within the company. To advocate this, we established the MPS Academy: an internal program where staff can receive extra training and participate in workshops and courses to advance within the company. For example, someone in a mechanics position can grow into a role with our Service team.

We are MPS

Being an HR advisor in a growing organization can be hectic at times with so much to do. But I like to work hard and make improvements where I can. A new Office Manager recently joined MPS who will also help support me with HR tasks. I look forward to being part of the evolvement of HR at MPS in the years ahead!

I strongly believe MPS’s most important assets are its employees. Together, We are MPS.

Interested in a career with MPS? Take a look at our open job opportunities and internships!


Martine van der Meijde

Martine van der Meijde

Martine van der Meijde is HR Advisor at MPS since 2017. She is responsible for the personnel management, including recruitment. you can reach Martine via:

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