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“The beauty of MPS, is that you never really have a situation of a complete break-down. Their high-quality presses in combination with their service is what makes customers happy” - Vijay

Reliable service and strong partnerships are the key to success in the global label industry. But how is this achieved?

To find out, as part of my graduation assignment about the Asian label market, I spoke with Vijay Pareek of Genius Flexo Machinery, the local MPS agent for India and Sri Lanka.

Here’s what I learned:

24/7 accessibility is key

Before joining Genius Flexo Machinery, Vijaj worked with a company that received a lot of complaints about service support. Some employees didn’t bother responding to inquiries, or even switched off their phones entirely. “I learned a lot from this, and knew I could do much better,” Vijay explained. He believes in responding within one hour. “Being accessible is everything. I believe in responding within one hour and I never switch off my phone. My customers can even call me at night and I will answer.”

Impressive, isn’t it?

Vijay-816330-editedVijay Pareek, Genius Flexo Machinery

Troubleshooting the issue

When a customer runs into an issue with their press, they call Vijay, and he tries to determine what the issue is. According to Vijay, in more than 95% of the cases, it’s a human error, and he will try to solve the issue over the phone. If the problem isn’t resolved, Vijay will send a certified service technician to fix the issue on-site.

What impressed me, was the urgency in which Vijay will send a service technician: “I will do anything to solve the problem to our customer’s satisfaction, and as soon as possible. All our employees are well-trained and instructed to deliver great service, every time.”

The Red Box: big added value

Vijay views the MPS Red Box, a collection of critical spares tailored to specific press requirements, as a big added value. They have recommended it to their customers for over a year and have seen it help solve problems.

“All the critical parts you need, however small, are always in the Red Box. We have never encountered a situation where the customer was missing an important part in their Red Box – an example of good collaboration between Genius Flexo Machinery and MPS.”

Interested in ordering a Red Box? Request one here:

Order your Red Box

A unified vision of service

There are occasions where an MPS service engineer is contacted to help an agent resolve a customer’s press issue.

Vijay strongly believes that the high priority and level of service provided by MPS mirrors the service philosophy of Genius Flexo Machinery.

“The beauty of MPS, is that you never really have a situation of a complete break-down. Their high-quality presses in combination with their service is what makes customers happy and prevents serious disasters from happening.”

For common inquires received by the MPS service department, tune into FAQ Friday where we share a new video of an MPS Service representative providing a short answer (about 1 minute) to a question. Popular questions already answered are:

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Here’s how to contact the MPS service department.


Demy Goedegebuur

Demy Goedegebuur

Demy completed a graduation internship at the MPS Marketing department in 2018. She researched the Asian market.

Tags: Service, Asia